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Oversize Super Olds w/f-attachment
Bore: .500”-.522” (12.7 mm-13.3 mm), .545” (13.8 mm) attachment
Bell: 9” (228.6 mm)

Most Olds fans know the regular Super specs; .485"/.500" bore, 7" or 7.5" bell - but Olds did make a few extra-super Supers.

I acquired this horn from Robb Stewart a few years back. Except for the braces, it has all of the hallmarks of the classic Super Olds, but in a larger size and with an f-attachment. There is no bore marking, and the bell size marking is 8 (odd, given the 9" bell). I think it was originally built as a symphony horn, possibly for someone who was trying to replicate the sound of a German-style trombone. The leadpipe was in poor shape when I received the horn, so I had it pulled (note the leadpipe collar in some of the pictures). The mouthpiece looks to be original. Unfortunately, the orginal case is long gone. It may have belonged to someone with the last name Frost at some point; that name is painted on one end of the case.


I know of at least one other oversize Super. I've never actually seen the horn, but I am told that it is the same bore as this one, but with an 8" bell, regular Super braces, and no f-attachment. The serial number is in the 11,000 range and it originally belonged to Lorn Steinberger, one-time principal trombonist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

UPDATE (2/13/2012): I've just acquired another oversize Super. It's similar to the Steinberger horn mentioned above (8" bell, .500"/.522" bore, one-piece streamline braces) and came from the estate of travel researcher Stanley Plog,. Mr. Plog was a professional trombonist in his younger days, performing with the likes of Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians. This horn has its own page now.