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Mid/Late 1930's TIS Standard with Hand-Hammered Finish
This horn dates from the mid-to-late 1930's (bell s/n 95xx, slide s/n 93xx), toward the end of the run for the original Olds trombone (by that time called the Standard Model). In addition to the hand-hammered finish (an extra-cost* option on a Standard), it also has fluted inner slides. I've never seen any specific mention of fluted inners on Standard models in any Olds literature, so I'm inclined to think that the their presence on this horn is, like its finish, the result of a special order (though I can't discount the possiblity that they were installed later).The bell is marked 7 LM, the slide (.485"/.500" bore) carries only the serial number.

* Catalogs bracketing the date of manufacture for the horn give prices of $120-$125 for a regular Standard, with an additional $25 for the hand-hammered finish..

Overall View

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Overall View

Bell Rim

TIS Mechanism
and Braces

End Bow